Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Madonna - I'm Addicted

This should be easy to write... I know I don't have to introduce Madonna to the world, and maybe not to the whole universe either.  Anyway, this is a very nice sounding dance song and it makes me want to actually go to some club and do some dancing rather than just sit here and wiggle in my seat to this song's bouncy beat.

When I was a teenager, I used to get sad because some of my favorite songs didn't reach Number 1.  Many of the songs I liked didn't even get released as singles and that really gave me a bad feeling.  I don't look at the charts much now but I just looked at Wikipedia and couldn't believe Madonna's singles in 2012 haven't done better on the U.S. Pop Songs chart.

I haven't heard  Madonna's new songs on the radio much this year and am taking radio DJs on directly right here:  There is so much ageism and I mean there's discrimination going both against older adults and teenagers in the music business and radio stations, including the DJs, are a big part of the problem.  This has been going on for a long time and probably forever, or as close to forever as I care to get as it relates to discrimination because in my opinion discrimination has no place in the music business or anywhere.

Like she's done for most of her career, Madonna is capable of creating some the best pop songs, videos, and albums and while I haven't made a decision about her album "MDNA", I'm going to see what I think once I can figure out which version to purchase and where to purchase it.  I found out today that the local Kmart doesn't have it yet and they also didn't have a couple of other CDs I was looking for.  I know where I can find MDNA but I'm not sure if it's the best version so that's why I'm waiting. Maybe someone can tell me which version is best.

Based on what I've heard, I have the sense I'll enjoy this album and "I'm Addicted" really does make me want to find a dance partner, or just do what I do right here and that's dance with myself.  That and... listen to more Madonna songs.

"I'm Addicted" by Madonna and "Say Whatcha Want" by Silvia Duyer are two songs I felt should be compared and, even more than that, appreciated. I like both songs a lot and wish these singers-recording artists much success.

Note: I wrote about Silvia's song last time. Please click on YouTube in the bottom part of the video and that will take you to the video on the YouTube website.

Original Song: "Say Whatcha Want" [HQ] [Napisy PL]

Silvia Duyer is one of the best recording artists of 2012. Some people don't know how her song "Born To Kill (She Goes) was number 5 on my list first half of 2012's Top 10 Rock Songs.  This is what happened and what I was thinking: Silvia's song was much better and creepier than the hit singles so far this year by shock-rocker Marilyn Manson and grunge star Mark Lanegan.

"The Gravedigger's Song" by Mark Lanegan Band -- the song was released in December 2011 but I am considering it for this year -- and "No Reflection" by Marilyn Manson are good songs but Silvia Duyer's lyrics and singing were better and scarier, in my opinion.  She's making me think of the first time I heard "God of Thunder" by Kiss and "Intruder" by Peter Gabriel, two of the really creepy rock classics.

So then, after such success against two of the best rock stars, Manson and Lanegan, and of course just about everyone else this year in rock, it only makes sense that Silvia Duyer would now have a song going up against one of the Queen of Pop's newest songs.

I read the comments below the videos and some fans are saying Madonna should release "I'm Addicted" as a single.  I agree.  I would also like Silvia's song "Say Whatcha Want" to become a radio single. DJs should listen to me, by the way, because I'm intelligent and I know what I'm talking about.

I'm going to buy the album (CD) "MDNA" by Madonna and I wish Silvia Duyer would release a CD in America and I'd buy it right away!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I heard this song before the end of June, so then what I'm doing is something rare and that's giving this song a second chance in the second half of 2012.  It's a great metal song, the video is rather explicit, but I haven't made any decision about the video, only saying right now that it's a great song and really rocks!  I decided to listen to the fans, and this song is being requested a lot on the local rock station that plays mainly heavy metal, hard rock, heavy rock, and songs that really rock!

I'm going along with fans this time, and they are right!  I'm very much for freedom and democracy and listening to the people, and while not everybody likes this song, I like it a lot and so I'm considering it for the second-half rock song list. According to Wikipedia, the new album by In This Moment was released in August and the video for "Blood" was released on YouTube on July 10, and both are after the first half of 2012.  It's one of the best songs against the other second half songs to this point.

Friday, October 26, 2012

5R6 - K (new song 2012!)

This is one of the best rock songs of 2012 so far. 

In case someone is wondering, my first half top 10 included songs (released) to the end of June, and the second half top goes from July 1 to the end of 2012.  This song was uploaded on August 31, so it's being considered for the second half list, and of course for the whole year. 

5R6 is a band that could really make a big impact in helping revive rock music, as they merge heavy metal, hard rock, progressive rock and grunge in a very exciting way.  I hear many influences especially the band Tool, though 5R6's song "K" also seems to be there own unique style.  It's much better than most of the other new heavy-metal and heavy-rock songs I've heard on the radio this year.

I have no connection to this song, this video, and I have no connection to any of the songs or videos on YouTube unless otherwise mentioned.  I review songs to help music fans find songs and bands/artists they should listen to, follow, and help support by purchasing their songs and albums.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Give It Everything - Samantha Potter (Original Song) - Lyrics

I really like this song and have liked it since I found Samantha Potter's videos on YouTube, then I paid for the download of "Give It Everything" and it sounds even better that way. The song compares quite well with the best pop songs on the radio this year, which is really saying something.

While the age of a singer, songwriter, band, or musician doesn't matter, it's interesting that Samantha is 10 years old, according to her profile on YouTube (at the time of my review), and what that means to fans of good pop songs is, hopefully, she will be making new and original songs for a long time.

This song sounds more like a song a Brady (Bunch) girl might have sung than songs by today's Disney girl singers (I'm glad), and that's a big compliment for the song and singer because the '70s TV show "The Brady Bunch" was and still is one of my favorites.

I like the positive message in this song. The lyrics, singing, music, and recording are all great.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Than Rock, Much More Than Radio Songs

Rock Top 10 Songs for the first half of 2012

1. Mackinzie, Watch me
2. SHOCKBREAKER, Organization Crisis
3. Nicki Minaj, Starships (explicit version)
4. Katie Woodward, There’s Still Time
5. Silvia Duyer, Born To Kill (She Goes) - Demo
6. Gin Wigmore, Man Like That (song from the video)
7. Gin Wigmore, Dirty Love
8. Mustasch, It’s Never Too Late
9. Slash featuring Myles Kennedy, You’re a Lie
10. Katie Woodward, The Secret Message

Note: This is my rock songs list.  I compared all of these songs and many, many other songs. The song "Hats Off to the Bull" by Chevelle would be number 11 and the bands Spacegoat and Stoned Jesus also had songs that were close to the top 10 and almost got in.  I think Katie's song was more experimental and interesting, although not much separated 10, 11, 12 and maybe a few songs after number 12.  My list is a Top 10. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2NE1- Take The World On (Not official song, but very interesting)

This is not the official song release, and according to the person who uploaded the song, part of this was looped.  I did read in Wikipedia that the official release will be in August.  Is anyone else counting the days and hours until we can listen to their new song?  I sure am.  Can 2NE1 join Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and some other artists near the top of pop songs this year?

Since they didn't officially release this song before July 1, that's the reason the song wasn't considered fosr the first half of the year.  Also, for all artists/groups, the lyrics are very important, and one problem dance-pop and electro/dance pop had was a lack of lyrics, and I'm trying to say not enough lyrics. 
The music sounded great in a couple of dance hits that were close to getting in my "Pop 10", but I think more lyrics were needed.  "Where Have You Been" by Rihanna and "Let's Go" by Calvin Harris, featuring Ne-Yo had everything but enough lyrics, so I went with Katy Perry's "Wide Awake" at Number 10. 

Note: All songs on my lists are the official song releases and not dance remixes.  For example, I did hear the dance version of "Wide Awake" and it's okay I suppose, but I definitely think the radio single is much better.  The radio version of this song was the one on the list.  I also allowed the Explicit Version of "Starships" by Nicki Minaj.  I did not mention this with the list for a reason, which is to protect children or teenagers that aren't ready to hear that version.  They should listen to the song on the radio or buy the clean version of the song.  I bought as download two versions of the song but now have computer problems and think I lost those songs and other songs too.  I also bought the CD and mentioned it on my blog Fast Food Yummy.

Because of computer problems and the computer viruses on the internet (so I don't trust the internet anymore), I will go back to buying mostly music CDs, so hopefully 2NE1 and some other artists will please release and distribute more CDs to stores where they are sold.  Thank you.

Note:  I changed the Title (of this post) because I feel it's important to point out this isn't the actual song.  I don't know what the official song will sound like but we should all find out soon.  I hope the song gets lots of radio play, so DJs please play the 2NE1 radio single. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pop 10

Top 10 Pop Songs list, first half of 2012

1. Nicki Minaj, Starships
2. Drake, Take Care ft. Rihanna
3. Young Jeezy, Leave You Alone ft. Ne-Yo
4. Kelly Clarkson, Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)
5. Mackinzie, Watch me
6. Britney Spears, Strangest Love
7. Nicki Minaj, Stupid Hoe
8. Katie Woodward, There’s Still Time
9. Nicki Minaj, Right By My Side ft. Chris Brown
10. Katy Perry, Wide Awake
*Note: This is my list (and my opinion) based on listening to many songs, comparing songs, reading, and research.  There were several other songs that were great, too.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Watch me - Mackinzie

This is a great song! I found out about this "unsigned" artist and song almost immediately after the song was released on YouTube.  I like the way raw emotions are being conveyed in this song and the song flows beautifully and smoothly, with her superb guitar-playing making the song sink in to the listener's heart and mind and, at the same time, providing enough changes in the song to make it very interesting and memorable. 

I can't remember the exact search words that helped me find this on YouTube, but I think they were:  my, today (or)  my song, today

If someone wants to find new song releases each day on YouTube, that might help.

It's obvious to me that a new star in the music world will be on the rise very soon.  Mackinzie is a very talented singer, songwriter and I expect her to do quite well musically.  I'm considering this song for the 2012 rock song and pop song lists.

Mackinzie reminds me of a young Jewel, the way Jewel was when I went to her performance at a coffeehouse in Portland, Oregon back in the '90s and I think it was $2 to get in, or something like that.  It was a lot of fun and that place was packed! Oh how we -- the fans of '90s music -- miss the '90s!!

Note: This song and video is the property of its owner, and all songs and videos are the property of their owners.  I review and write about songs here, and my goal is to provide a way for music fans to learn about songs they might otherwise never get to hear. 


And you thought pop was what? The next few paragraphs will push the limits of pop and rock.  

With their classic rock medley "Tarkus", Emerson, Lake & Palmer, an extraordinary progressive-rock supergroup of the '70s, smash or is that smashes (have your choice) the rock and pop lists with the first song to reach both lists. The rock list is continuing to 200 total, as I explained earlier.
"Tarkus" is a great progressive-rock masterpiece, and the wonderful melodies, outstanding lyrics, and marvelous singing by Greg Lake are why it's also going to be on the pop list.

Immediately after ELP reached both lists, Madonna joined them doing the same thing, with the ballad "Live to Tell", written by Patrick Leonard, an absolutely brilliant songwriter.

Madonna does deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  This song is just one of the reasons.  Is this the best song by Madonna?  I'm not ready to answer that question, and while this is my opinion, I would say this is one of her best.  However, maybe she has five or six songs that are fairly equal in terms of greatness.

Note: I use the word 'by' (then artist/band name) to mean recorded by or sung by that artist/band and I don't always mean that each song is written by that recording artist.

I'm sure it's obvious to most of her fans that Madonna is one of the favorites to possibly have the most songs on this pop list.  However, most of us can think of other artists that could wind up with the most, meaning more than any other artist.  I will leave that for readers to think about for now, and I will write more about this at a later time.

Note:  I have not decided how many songs will be on the pop list, though 200 makes sense.

I have no connection to the video on YouTube and I didn't write the title; I left that the same way as is above the video on YouTube.   I wrote this review and articles on this blog and I'm following Fair Use for writing by journalists and writers and I am strongly a defender of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution which includes not only speaking but writing and other expression.  My hope is that more people will support these artists by purchasing CDs, downloads, and going to concerts.

My goal is to remain an independent music reviewer and publish rock lists, pop lists, and maybe other lists too, which will be the way I really see it -- and of course the way I hear it.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stop Me Now (Lock Me Up) - Venus Flytrap

Venus Flytrap's song "Stop me now (Lock me up)" is, in my opinion, one of the best pop songs ever. The vocals are outstanding, and better than the vocals by some of the most famous pop stars in music history.  And the music makes the song both soothing to the nerves and relaxing to the mind.  Sorry to say, I couldn't find the lyrics, which is the same problem I've had with some other songs.  That's not going to stop me, and the music of this song is so upbeat, and with a good feel to it, that it makes problems seem not so bad.  Venus Flytrap's CD "Visa for Love", which has this song and others, was not available at the website where I hoped to purchase it.  The website said it would contact me when they get it.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Carta Immense - Iglood Together (New Song 2011) HD

"Iglood Together" by Carta Immense was the Number 1 song for 2011 on the list of rock songs published in January. The vocals and guitar playing are among the best ever in rock. It seems their decision to make the drumming not so heavy and loud was a good one, in order to let the great singing be heard.  This decision could be the difference one way or the other when it comes time for me to update the 100 Best Rock Songs List.

The four or five songs on the 2011 list are very close in terms of quality and greatness, and could really change the top 20 of the 100 Best list.
These lists are based on my comparing many songs, and the lists are part of my opinion, not based on lists by other writers, and obviously not based only on what is on the radio, though I do listen to the radio. Please refer to the list "25 Best Songs of 2011".  It is my list of best rock songs for last year, though I allowed some crossover songs, and some are alternative, pop, and metal songs.

Note: I take no responsibility or credit for the description or words on the video.  The song and video are the property of their owners and in this capacity, I'm only a writer/music reviewer.  I do not change the title of a post unless I think it's a good idea.  This time I took a word out because it seemed to be in favor of downloading the song and I'm not involved in this decision, I tell readers to buy songs and CDs, but so far I haven't found this song or any CD by Carta Immense available for purchase.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nicki Minaj

I was happy Saturday after purchasing three song downloads, all three were Nicki Minaj, including two versions of "Starships" and the Explicit version of "Stupid Hoe".  I like the song "Stupid Hoe" though I doubt I would ever write or record that kind of lyrics.  But everyone should do what they want to do in music.  This song is much more interesting and better, in my opinion, than most of the hip-hop songs I've heard and many of the pop songs on the radio these days.  Although, you know what, there are some great pop songs on the radio now.  Pop music seems to be getting better and hopefully it will return to the level of '80s and '70s pop music.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Nicki Minaj - Starships

This is the Explicit Version of "Starships" by Nicki Minaj. I would recommend the edited version for people who can't listen to or don't like explicit versions of songs. But I don't think we should prevent people from hearing songs because I believe in freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of information.

It's a great pop song! Even more, this is one of the best pop songs right now, and in my opinion, one of the best pop songs of all time.

"Starships" was released as a single early this month, February 2012. Today, during the afternoon, was the first time I heard the radio-edit version of the song on the radio, and I've been listening to that pop station, which plays a lot of dance-pop, consistently for about two weeks and a big reason was to hear that song. I'm not sure why it took so long for them to play it but maybe they had to edit it more. However, I already heard this song on YouTube and wanted it on the radio too.

Is this the fastest a pop song reached a legitimate best pop songs list which covers many years? I would have to say maybe, as today I begin writing about my list of Best Pop Songs and "Starships" by Nicki Minaj is on the list immediately, after less than a month. Note: I haven't decided how many songs will be on the list.

A bit more...This is an amazing pop song with superb singing and music. The melody, the beat, the lyrics, the background vocals, and the way the song changes are all marvelous and, at the same time, make this a happy, intelligent, and very interesting song. It's also a very catchy song. I am going to purchase the download of the Starships Explicit Version and probably also the Starships Edited Version. I like Nicki Minaj, "Starships" is one of the best pop songs and one of my favorite songs.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The list below is my list of best rock songs of 2011. Metal and pop songs also could get on the list.

A very 'immense' year of 2011 as Carta Immense goes to Number 1 on rock songs list

With three songs in the top 6, they were the band of the year, followed by Cherri Bomb at Number 2 on the list.  Foo Fighters have five songs on the list, so it was a big year for them.

25 Best Songs of 2011

Band, Song

1. Carta Immense, Iglood Together
2. Cherri Bomb, Mirror Mirror
3. Foo Fighters,  Rope
4. Carta Immense, People Are Keeping
5. Staind, Not Again
6. Carta Immense, Photorealism
7. Ava Inferi, Majesty
8. Myrath, Time To Grow
9. Five Finger Death Punch, Remember Everything
10. Cherri Bomb, Already Dead 
11. Sarah Michelle, We Are Free
12. Foo Fighters, Bridge Burning
13. Nickelback, This Means War
14. Foo Fighters, Miss The Misery
15. Seether, Country Song
16. Black Country Communion, An Ordinary Son
17. Crossfade, Killing Me Inside
18. Foo Fighters, Back & Forth
19. Dream Theater, On The Backs Of Angels
20. Megadeth, Public Enemy No. 1 
21. Lady Gaga, Marry The Night
22. W.A.N.T.E.D., Matter Of Fact
23. Black Veil Brides, Saviour
24. Foo Fighters, A Matter of Time
25. Abandon Kansas, Heaven Come My Way

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This is an update on what I'm doing.  The top three songs were very close and now there are four that are right together at the top.  Also, I am trying to decide which songs will make the list between 20 and 25 and it will be another 25 Best Rock Songs based on all the songs I've heard, including crossovers from other genres.  I hope to post the list in the night time/early morning after midnight.  
I meant it will be another 25 list, the same number of songs as the 25 list for 2010.

I put this below the other post the explain what I meant.
This is just to say it's going to take some more time, but hopefully today I will be able to finish and post the list of songs.  Thank you for your patience.

Monday, January 2, 2012

At this moment (around 7 AM on Monday), there are three bands with their songs very close at numbers 1, 2, 3 ...  I will continue to compare those songs and complete the rest of the list, if possible, sometime today.

Note: I did buy two of the albums, and I will buy the third when it's released.  They are three great bands and three of the best ever.
Second clue about the Best Songs of 2011.

Forget my last clue.

By comparison, using YouTube, which is God's gift to us, let me just add:

Screw Congress!  Screw SOPA and PIPA!!

These music videos are how we can compare songs and know which is the best!

Oh yeah, you rock YouTube.  
It's taking longer than I expected to finish the 2011 list, so I will finish it later.  But not too much later.  Check back.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The 25 Best Rocks Songs of 2011

...I will try to post my list for best rock songs of 2011 tonight or early in the morning.

Forget what others have said or written about rock bands and their songs in 2011.  Here's a clue.  It was an 'immense' year in rock music.