Thursday, June 20, 2013

Alyssa Turkowski- Waiting In Two (Original Song)

This is a great song and I can't stop listening to it. I've been following Alyssa Turkowski's songs on YouTube since last year and she was very close in the final comparisons of 2012 songs, especially for another of her songs that is very nice-sounding with it's layered vocals. It's called "No Trust".

I may choose to allow some songs such as that one to get on a list in 2013 but haven't decided that for sure. Some artists, including bands, are releasing songs on YouTube or in other countries one year, then putting out the radio singles of the same songs the next year. Also, I couldn't listen to all songs last year and wanted to give bands and solo artists a chance to release more singles in 2013.

I only two main categories (of song lists) and those are Rock and Pop. I can feel this song in my heart, think about it with my mind, and of course hear it with my ears. If my heart, mind, and ears could talk I'm sure they would say what I'm typing and it's that "Waiting In Two" by Alyssa Turkowski could be on either list, or both.
Great song!