Sunday, September 30, 2012

Give It Everything - Samantha Potter (Original Song) - Lyrics

I really like this song and have liked it since I found Samantha Potter's videos on YouTube, then I paid for the download of "Give It Everything" and it sounds even better that way. The song compares quite well with the best pop songs on the radio this year, which is really saying something.

While the age of a singer, songwriter, band, or musician doesn't matter, it's interesting that Samantha is 10 years old, according to her profile on YouTube (at the time of my review), and what that means to fans of good pop songs is, hopefully, she will be making new and original songs for a long time.

This song sounds more like a song a Brady (Bunch) girl might have sung than songs by today's Disney girl singers (I'm glad), and that's a big compliment for the song and singer because the '70s TV show "The Brady Bunch" was and still is one of my favorites.

I like the positive message in this song. The lyrics, singing, music, and recording are all great.