Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chevelle's "Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)" is Best Song of the Decade

*Originally posted to Fast Food Yummy blog on Friday, January 01, 2010

My List of 25 Best Rock Songs of the '00s

(Song(first),Recording Artist)
1. Vitamin R (Leading Us Along), Chevelle
2. Best of You, Foo Fighters
3. Sooner or Later, Breaking Benjamin
4. Scream, Billy Idol
5. The Day That Never Comes, Metallica
6. A Looking in View, Alice In Chains
7. So Far Away, Crossfade
8. Chop Suey!, System of a Down
9. Ugly, The Exies
10. East Jesus Nowhere, Green Day
11. Not Enough, Lacuna Coil
12. Break, Three Days Grace
13. All My Life, Foo Fighters
14. Stockholm Syndrome, Blink-182
15. Makototen, Gong
16. Fly From the Inside, Shinedown
17. Kolomiyka, Ruslana
18. Monsoon, Tokio Hotel
19. Modern Day Delilah, KISS
20. Anchor, Crossfade
21. Fire On The Inside, Pillar
22. L’Via L’Viaquez, The Mars Volta
23. Drowning (Face Down), Saving Abel
24. American Idiot, Green Day
25. Wheels, Foo Fighters

Note: Some of these songs are hard rock or metal, while others are soft rock or pop/rock. There are also songs somewhere in between hard rock and soft rock.

Posted by Scott McLean at 1/01/2010