Monday, February 28, 2011

Gone, Gone, Gone by Bad Company

In the first few seconds of "Gone, Gone, Gone" by Bad Company, you know this is going to be a great rock song because it's hard-rocking right from the start.

The singing, lyrics, and music are all excellent! And it really, really rocks! I couldn't think of one specific point to make about this song, then I realized it's because it's such a wonderful song from in so many different ways. I don't know if there's a higher compliment for a song and a band. That and, of course, "Gone, Gone, Gone" will be in my list of 100 Best Rock Songs. Congratulations to Bad Company!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

rock songs

Please Note: There will be more than one "best rock songs" list. The first one will be the 100 best rock songs list of songs between 1970 to 2010 (meaning only to the end of 2009, so I am saying through 2009.) I am looking at those four decades only and for me, if it starts with '7' it's the '70s (the Seventies), '8' the '80s (the Eighties), etc.

Starting with '70s had nothing to do with me liking '70s rock more, because I don't and it didn't mean the '70s will have the most songs of those four decades, because they won't.

The '00s will have the most songs on the list though that decade doesn't necessarily have the most great bands. The reason is that there are many bands and more countries with very good bands. Also, thanks to the internet, nowadays we can find out about underground bands or any bands that don't get much promotion. I like to think that this is very encouraging for young musicians, vocalists, new bands, and anyone thinking of starting or joining a band or releasing their own songs.

More about the '70 to '10 list: There will be a few songs which were released in 1969 and it makes sense because if a song was on the charts near the end of the year, it could still be on charts in 1970. But I don't care about charts. It's all about whether I thought the song sounds great, is interesting, and also do I feel it was a significant song which made an impact in the '70s.

I will write more to explain the list if I feel it's necessary.

I also plan to come up with a top 25 list of the best rock songs of 2010. Again, this will be my opinion based on listening and thinking about songs. Some of the 2010 songs will be in an updated list of the 100 Best Rock Songs.