Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I heard this song before the end of June, so then what I'm doing is something rare and that's giving this song a second chance in the second half of 2012.  It's a great metal song, the video is rather explicit, but I haven't made any decision about the video, only saying right now that it's a great song and really rocks!  I decided to listen to the fans, and this song is being requested a lot on the local rock station that plays mainly heavy metal, hard rock, heavy rock, and songs that really rock!

I'm going along with fans this time, and they are right!  I'm very much for freedom and democracy and listening to the people, and while not everybody likes this song, I like it a lot and so I'm considering it for the second-half rock song list. According to Wikipedia, the new album by In This Moment was released in August and the video for "Blood" was released on YouTube on July 10, and both are after the first half of 2012.  It's one of the best songs against the other second half songs to this point.