Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cherri Bomb at Camp Freddy

Cherri Bomb performed Live a cover of "The Pretender" by Foo Fighters. According to information with the video on YouTube, this was in December. I wasn't there but it looked and sounded like it was a fantastic concert.

This is a a very good live performance by this talented all-female band. That's an understatement because I think they're great.

I like Julia's singing and guitar playing a lot. And decided to come back and add what I meant. After listening to several videos of covers and original songs by Cherri Bomb, I really think Julia is is a great rock singer and guitarist. In this performance, it's clear to me that they are great singing together, and Miranda and Rena do a lot of the vocals. Nia, the drummer, is very good too. Will she be the next Dave Grohl? I don't know, just asking. But I hope Cherri Bomb stays together as a band for like... forever...

These four girls have perhaps the best taste in music of any new band I've heard in a long time, and they've done Live covers of songs by progressive rock bands, grunge bands and hard rock bands.

Foo Fighters were the best rock band of the '00s in my opinion, and Cherri Bomb was one of the best rock bands last year.

Consider this post like a very long lead in a news story which will grow during the next few days or weeks as I look more closely at the best songs of 2010. Yeah, there will be opinion too, and lots of it!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kagrra,'s Shi Mi Me Yu Ki Sa A PV

I only recently heard the Japanese band Kagrra for the first time. I was very impressed with their music.

"Shi Mi Me Yu Ki Sa A" by Kagrra is a great song. Even before I looked up the English translation of the Japanese lyrics (a few minutes ago) I had already decided this song would be on my list of 100 Best Rock Songs. It's a very beautiful song, great vocals and I think the guitar work is outstanding.

I love the short guitar solo and the video is a nice one, and if someday I post my list of best videos, I think this video has a good chance, as do some of their other videos.

Let me add that the lyrics are perfect, soothing poetry for the heartbroken during loss of friendship, relationship, or person is gone away. Our feelings and human spirit need to be rocked, as well as the ears, mind, and rest or the body. This is a wonderful song to accomplish all of those goals. jpopasia has translation for the Kagrra lyrics of "Shi, Mi, Me, Yu, Ki, Sa, A" and I was glad to know more about this song.