Sunday, April 24, 2011

Foo Fighters - Rope (Audio)

"Rope" is a great rock song by Foo Fighters and the album "Wasting Light" is outstanding hard-rock/heavy metal that is both alternative hard-rock and similar to the great hard-rock of the '70s, including some '70s rock groups which unfortunately don't get played on many radio stations these days. Don't worry, some of those groups and their songs will be on my list of 100 Best Songs(1970 to 2010).

This is a 2011 release, so it will be eligible if I do a best songs list for this year, which wouldn't appear until next year. But, there's no question about it, "Rope" is going to be on that list.

Please buy the CD "Wasting Light" because I already bought it twice and maybe I'll buy it again for a gift.
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Foo Fighters Rope single!

Wow! This a fantastic new hard rock single, "Rope" by Foo Fighters, and it's a lot of fun to hear especially when I least expect it. About three weeks ago, I was driving around and heard it and thought to myself, cool! (and with those imaginary thought bubble questions over my head) is that the Foo Fighters and is it one of their older songs I never heard before, because you know, the radio stations aren't playing some of the good songs from recent years. As is typical, I didn't hear a DJ tell the song name or that it was Foo Fighters, so I just wondered and, I forget now, but maybe a few days later, it was on the radio again so I looked on YouTube and sure enough it was a song from this year. I was very happy.

I found out they will have a new album out in April, so I think I should camp in the parking lot of the store which will be sure to sell that CD, "Wasting Light".

No,I'm kidding about sleeping outside a store and just trying to show my excitement for the Foo Fighters and their new music, and I'll just sleep in a bed as usual and be near, well, the song coz I did buy the download of the song. And oh yeah, it's April now, but I started writing this little 'sub-blurb' (I made that word up) before April...anyway, I just called Fred Meyer and they said the album isn't out until April 12 and so the CDs will be there (and I hope many, many, many other stores) on that day which is a Tuesday, quickly becoming one of my favorite days of all time.

Okay, I decided the timing was right for this post, after signing in on Yahoo Messenger, when starting to listen to music under 'Hard Rock' and the song "Rope" was the first to play. That was about an hour ago but since I already purchased the download of the song as I pointed out earlier, I have it to listen whenever, but it's fun being surprised too when listening to music on the internet or radio.

I wrote too much so if you read articles from finish to start, though not necessarily reading words backwards, then just click the still vid and listen but also please buy the single online, the CD when it's out in stores, and other music by this great band. Thanks.