Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nirvana - On a Plain

One of many great songs by Nirvana, "On a Plain" is among my favorites too, because it really rocks and I enjoy hearing it anytime and anywhere. This song was an easy choice for me to put in my 100 Best Rock Songs List. I have always liked Kurt Cobain's singing. The vocals in this Nirvana song, including Kurt's strong lead singing and the smooth and sweet backing vocals are fantastic. I wonder how many times listeners click "Replay" because this song is so cool!

Monday, December 13, 2010

SAME GROUND- Kitchie Nadal

"Same Ground" by Kitchie Nadal is one of the best ballads in a long time.

Kitchie Nadal is singer, songwriter, guitarist from the Philippines and a very good singer at that!

As I wrote last time, she didn't beat or knock off Avril Lavigne, but what I meant is Kitchie didn't have to. I like Avril's singing but it doesn't compare to Kitchie's singing in this song, which is full of vocal beauty and emotion. Avril is the one who would have to knock off Kitchie!

"Same Ground" by Kitchie Nadal is one of my favorite ballads and it's hard to write objectively about this song. I like that it's slightly dissonant sounding, there's a lot of emotion in her singing voice, and the video is superb!

The first time I saw this video was when I visited the Philippines in 2005 and watched it on TV there many times, along with other videos. This was one of my favorite videos and always will be. So there! I'm not the best at being totally objective, but I did spend this most recent year and a half (a few hours a day, almost every day) thinking about other songs and watching countless other videos before I came back to this song.

I will add more on this at a later time, but it's sufficient to say right now that Kitchie's great singing was better than the singing of many other rock and pop ballads, and those included some of the songs by Elton John, Madonna, Michael Jackson and a number of rock bands. These artists still have a chance to reach my list of 100 Best Rock Songs, which will have crossover songs, pop/rock songs, and soft songs including ballads. Maybe I will have another list sometime that is (what I think are) the 100 Best Pop Songs, which of course would include those pop artists, and many more.

For now, though, it's my great pleasure to announce that Kitchie Nadal's song "Same Ground" will be in my soon to be published top 100 rock songs. Congratulations!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Great singer Kitchie Nadal

Before reacting, please read the next post because it's the most important.

Everyone talks about whether one singer is better than another one, and whether one song knocked off or beats another song.

Kitchie Nadal didn't knock off or beat Avril Lavigne, with whom she's been compared.

More next time.

Actually much more, and yes it's good and Kitchie's fans (and I'm one) really love her and her great singing. So, please check back and see what I have in addition to this post, which will be reversed in order once the other writing is published right here in The Overcast Inside.

It will be about as positive and sweet as it gets.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rush - Fly By Night

"Fly By Night" will be in my list of 100 Best Rock Songs. Congratulations to the members of Rush!

I heard some songs on the radio tonight. I decided to drive at night to a few stores. Amazingly, some of the songs were ones that I was considering for the 100 Best Songs list. But now I know one or two were eliminated from further consideration or at least will have a tough time getting in.

I didn't hear "Fly By Night", a '70s hit by Rush, on the radio tonight. In my opinion, rock radio stations should play this classic rock song more often. Rush is a great rock band /power trio from Canada. Their blend of progressive rock and hard rock made them an especially well-liked rival to Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple especially in the mid to late '70s, when those bands were fading and Rush was at the peak of their powers.

Most bands have eight to 10 good solid years, some less and others more, but Rush has many, many more years than that and they seem to keep going. Hopefully some of their new fans will discover Rush's great music of the '70s and '80s, when they were one of the top bands.