Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Soybean (I Know) by The Indecent

It's a good thing that I extended my time limit in searching for songs that will make my list. I've only known about the band The Indecent and their song, and "Soybean (I Know)" for a few weeks or something like that. I'm can't recall how I found this video on YouTube, but maybe I was looking for grunge in 2010. It's very interesting and enjoyable video to watch, and under the video it tells viewers that Noah Hutton directed the video, so I look forward to seeing more of his videos. This was a very nice way to introduce the band to first-time listeners and to get new fans.

I know it's too early to start comparing The Indecent to legendary grunge band Nirvana, but I was listening to the Nirvana song "About a Girl" and Soybean, going back and forth listening to both and thinking, hey The Indecent are going places. I like their song a lot.

These two songs don't sound much alike but have some similarities. Both songs are from early in these bands' careers (only that Nirvana was starting out more than 20 years ago, in the '80s), also both songs have a slightly raw sound, not overproduced yet easy to listen to and enjoy often, and the songs appear to be influenced by rock bands and songs of the past, yet have their own unique sound and make me feel that rock music is still on the rise and at times getting better.

I do see some criticisms in the comments below the video in YouTube, and I'm only pointing this out because I wanted to write that those comments are wrong, so don't listen to them. I'm right about this song, it's a great song! "Soybean (I Know)" by The Indecent will be on my list of 25 Best Rock Songs of 2010.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Where are the CDs? I don't know. It's so much effort to figure out which stores stock the music I'm interested in buying, and maybe other people are having the same problem. Also, it's hard to know when a CD will be released to stores.

Tonight before 11 pm I called a Fred Meyer store, actually twice because I didn't ask enough questions the first time.

According to what I've seen on the internet, it looked like "We All Bleed" by Crossfade is scheduled to be in stores on June 21. A worker at Fred Meyer told me that it was going to be available on that day. I pointed out that the release date had been delayed before and that person indicated that does happen sometimes with CD releases.

I also asked if Cherri Bomb had a CD and was told by that worker that the store computer only recognized the name with a 'y'. I called back and spoke with another worker, just because that's who answered my call, and I asked about two other bands and they didn't have either CD but was nice to recommend other stores which might have those CDs. One of the bands is Seether and the other is a new band that has a downloadable album available for purchase, but I want to buy a CD if possible. Please see the next post (above) for the name of that band.

Note: I posted this to Monday because I called late Monday night, and now it's after midnight. This post isn't about me or my wants, it's intended to bring up an interesting topic.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Seether - Country Song (Lyrics)

One of my favorite songs of 2011, which is a big rock-radio hit, is "Country Song" by Seether. It has all tension and toughness in the lyrics we might expect if we were singing on the way to a relationship break-up, only much better words than I could come up with at at such a moment of feeling awful inside. So the lyrics compare very nicely to those of some of the best hard-rock/heavy-rock songs of the '00s decade.

This is great hard rock in the modern style which is alternative plus heavy-rock power. The country style is mixed in and starts the song off in such a nice way and then gets right to rocking hard, and I love it. This song does remind me of Nickelback.

The new Seether album "Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray" will be in stores on May 17, according to the Seether official site. You can hear some of their songs which they are playing on their site, so let's all get psyched up about the new album.

Note: I have no connection to the upload and post on YouTube and do not know if the lyrics or other information is all correct. The title is the way it appears on YouTube and I don't upload music videos on YouTube and don't write the titles.

What I do here is express my opinion and back it up, also hoping music fans will support the bands I write about, as well as many other bands, by buying their albums, as CDs, album downloads, etc.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Warpaint - Warpaint.

The song "Warpaint" is wonderful experimental art-rock and everything about this song is gorgeous and nice sounding. The lyrics are interesting though seem open to interpretation. This song by the band Warpaint will be on my list of 25 best rock songs of 2010.