Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The list below is my list of best rock songs of 2011. Metal and pop songs also could get on the list.

A very 'immense' year of 2011 as Carta Immense goes to Number 1 on rock songs list

With three songs in the top 6, they were the band of the year, followed by Cherri Bomb at Number 2 on the list.  Foo Fighters have five songs on the list, so it was a big year for them.

25 Best Songs of 2011

Band, Song

1. Carta Immense, Iglood Together
2. Cherri Bomb, Mirror Mirror
3. Foo Fighters,  Rope
4. Carta Immense, People Are Keeping
5. Staind, Not Again
6. Carta Immense, Photorealism
7. Ava Inferi, Majesty
8. Myrath, Time To Grow
9. Five Finger Death Punch, Remember Everything
10. Cherri Bomb, Already Dead 
11. Sarah Michelle, We Are Free
12. Foo Fighters, Bridge Burning
13. Nickelback, This Means War
14. Foo Fighters, Miss The Misery
15. Seether, Country Song
16. Black Country Communion, An Ordinary Son
17. Crossfade, Killing Me Inside
18. Foo Fighters, Back & Forth
19. Dream Theater, On The Backs Of Angels
20. Megadeth, Public Enemy No. 1 
21. Lady Gaga, Marry The Night
22. W.A.N.T.E.D., Matter Of Fact
23. Black Veil Brides, Saviour
24. Foo Fighters, A Matter of Time
25. Abandon Kansas, Heaven Come My Way

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This is an update on what I'm doing.  The top three songs were very close and now there are four that are right together at the top.  Also, I am trying to decide which songs will make the list between 20 and 25 and it will be another 25 Best Rock Songs based on all the songs I've heard, including crossovers from other genres.  I hope to post the list in the night time/early morning after midnight.  
I meant it will be another 25 list, the same number of songs as the 25 list for 2010.

I put this below the other post the explain what I meant.
This is just to say it's going to take some more time, but hopefully today I will be able to finish and post the list of songs.  Thank you for your patience.

Monday, January 2, 2012

At this moment (around 7 AM on Monday), there are three bands with their songs very close at numbers 1, 2, 3 ...  I will continue to compare those songs and complete the rest of the list, if possible, sometime today.

Note: I did buy two of the albums, and I will buy the third when it's released.  They are three great bands and three of the best ever.
Second clue about the Best Songs of 2011.

Forget my last clue.

By comparison, using YouTube, which is God's gift to us, let me just add:

Screw Congress!  Screw SOPA and PIPA!!

These music videos are how we can compare songs and know which is the best!

Oh yeah, you rock YouTube.  
It's taking longer than I expected to finish the 2011 list, so I will finish it later.  But not too much later.  Check back.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The 25 Best Rocks Songs of 2011

...I will try to post my list for best rock songs of 2011 tonight or early in the morning.

Forget what others have said or written about rock bands and their songs in 2011.  Here's a clue.  It was an 'immense' year in rock music.