Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Madonna - I'm Addicted

This should be easy to write... I know I don't have to introduce Madonna to the world, and maybe not to the whole universe either.  Anyway, this is a very nice sounding dance song and it makes me want to actually go to some club and do some dancing rather than just sit here and wiggle in my seat to this song's bouncy beat.

When I was a teenager, I used to get sad because some of my favorite songs didn't reach Number 1.  Many of the songs I liked didn't even get released as singles and that really gave me a bad feeling.  I don't look at the charts much now but I just looked at Wikipedia and couldn't believe Madonna's singles in 2012 haven't done better on the U.S. Pop Songs chart.

I haven't heard  Madonna's new songs on the radio much this year and am taking radio DJs on directly right here:  There is so much ageism and I mean there's discrimination going both against older adults and teenagers in the music business and radio stations, including the DJs, are a big part of the problem.  This has been going on for a long time and probably forever, or as close to forever as I care to get as it relates to discrimination because in my opinion discrimination has no place in the music business or anywhere.

Like she's done for most of her career, Madonna is capable of creating some the best pop songs, videos, and albums and while I haven't made a decision about her album "MDNA", I'm going to see what I think once I can figure out which version to purchase and where to purchase it.  I found out today that the local Kmart doesn't have it yet and they also didn't have a couple of other CDs I was looking for.  I know where I can find MDNA but I'm not sure if it's the best version so that's why I'm waiting. Maybe someone can tell me which version is best.

Based on what I've heard, I have the sense I'll enjoy this album and "I'm Addicted" really does make me want to find a dance partner, or just do what I do right here and that's dance with myself.  That and... listen to more Madonna songs.

"I'm Addicted" by Madonna and "Say Whatcha Want" by Silvia Duyer are two songs I felt should be compared and, even more than that, appreciated. I like both songs a lot and wish these singers-recording artists much success.

Note: I wrote about Silvia's song last time. Please click on YouTube in the bottom part of the video and that will take you to the video on the YouTube website.

Original Song: "Say Whatcha Want" [HQ] [Napisy PL]

Silvia Duyer is one of the best recording artists of 2012. Some people don't know how her song "Born To Kill (She Goes) was number 5 on my list first half of 2012's Top 10 Rock Songs.  This is what happened and what I was thinking: Silvia's song was much better and creepier than the hit singles so far this year by shock-rocker Marilyn Manson and grunge star Mark Lanegan.

"The Gravedigger's Song" by Mark Lanegan Band -- the song was released in December 2011 but I am considering it for this year -- and "No Reflection" by Marilyn Manson are good songs but Silvia Duyer's lyrics and singing were better and scarier, in my opinion.  She's making me think of the first time I heard "God of Thunder" by Kiss and "Intruder" by Peter Gabriel, two of the really creepy rock classics.

So then, after such success against two of the best rock stars, Manson and Lanegan, and of course just about everyone else this year in rock, it only makes sense that Silvia Duyer would now have a song going up against one of the Queen of Pop's newest songs.

I read the comments below the videos and some fans are saying Madonna should release "I'm Addicted" as a single.  I agree.  I would also like Silvia's song "Say Whatcha Want" to become a radio single. DJs should listen to me, by the way, because I'm intelligent and I know what I'm talking about.

I'm going to buy the album (CD) "MDNA" by Madonna and I wish Silvia Duyer would release a CD in America and I'd buy it right away!