Sunday, July 3, 2016

Filter's song "Take Me to Heaven" is No.1

This is my list based on my own listening and comparing songs. It was very close near the top and "Formation" pulled ahead of "Pillowtalk" though it almost went back the other way. Those top 3 songs especially are very well written songs with great music and singing. "Take Me to Heaven" was the best song in terms of songwriting and that was the difference.

10 Best Rock Songs List - First Half of 2016

1. Filter, Take Me to Heaven
2. Beyoncé, Formation
3. ZAYN, Pillowtalk
4. Rihanna, Kiss It Better
5. Halestorm, Mayhem
6. Beartooth, Aggressive
7. Garbage, Empty
8. Ariana Grande, Dangerous Woman
9. BreathOut, Don't walk at night
10. The Edge Band, Timro Yaad

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