Monday, February 9, 2015

YouTube Important to Music: Eric Payton in 2014

At what I will refer to here as 'press time', I did make a decision about how to list the songs.

Eric Payton's name appears the way he put it on that video/song on YouTube as Eric payton. The song at #8 on my Pop songs list is "deep" and it was lower case there, on YouTube. I was going to put (Rough draft called deep.) just below the song to identify it, the way he published/posted it there, so that would be remembered if someday there is another newer version by him. Eric is a great song writer and creator of songs.  That main melody is amazingly beautiful and makes the song very memorable, catchy in the right way, and worthy of the top 10. I like his guitar-playing a lot and hope to hear more songs from him.

I didn't base my Pop songs list, which I just called "Pop - 25 Best of 2014", on other lists or awards or what is most 'popular', so hopefully everyone can be happy and feel proud to be included. I spent many hours listening to and comparing songs. This list includes mainstream songs on the radio, songs from videos on YouTube and songs by bands or artists on the rise, especially singer-songwriters like Eric, who I hope all my readers will be able to listen to when they have time. I know I always have time for music.

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